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 Hikari city (Yamaguchi Prefecture ,Japan)

About Rin

Rin was born in 1967, in Murozumi, Hikari city, Yamaguchi Prefecture and she was raised alongside her sister by her loving parents and her caring aunt.

When Rin was a child, she learned many songs by listening to her sister who was good at playing the organ and the piano, and got interested in old American songs by listening to her father’s singing of Doris Day and Nat King Cole.
Her father was drawn towards American culture and he sang very well even without an accent.

In 1986, when Rin was still a high school student, she was selected as a finalist between 100,000 auditioners for Watanabe Productions movie “Take it easy” which was a huge achievement for her at the time and gave her a sense of confidence.

After graduating from high school, Rin came to Tokyo, to study Japanese Literature in Musashino University.

Enrolling in college was a great motivator for her whole family to make a big leap and move to Japan’s capital. She wanted to have an oportunity by living there and it came before she thought:

In 1987, when Rin was 19 years old, she participated in the “Asakusa Jazz Contest” and won.
And that same year, she participated in the Manly Jazz Festival in Sydney, Australia.
After that, she became recognized as one prominent singer in the Tokyo and Yokohama jazz local scene.

Her main inspirations come from old jazz, blues and African-American musicians from the likes of Sam Cooke, who by the way has gospel music roots and Stevie Wonder who also made Motwon music what it is today.
Lately, she’s been highly invested in various kinds of music from all over the world, like Bossa Nova from Brazil, Latin music and old Cuban “Son” with little tints of Salsa, specially Buena Vista Social Club.


Rin runs a recording studio dubbed Kamekichi Ongakudo and her own label also named Kamekichi Records in Tokyo, along with her business partner and husband Takashi Ueda who is a recording engineer and bassist.  ▶Studio Works.

She’s produced many albums and her own vocal lesson material CD.
Rin’s label has excellent sound quality and it has been recommended by some of the most notorious audio critics in the city.
In 2013, they produced the album “But Beautiful” by Teruo Goto & Jun Satsuma which won the Japan Professional Music Recording Award that same year.

Rin has released many self-produced albums, and she also likes producing others’ like “But Beautiful” and “Bewitched” both by Atsuko Yamaguchi.

Rin Suzuki’s Album release

1998 “It’s all right with me” (Voice Label)
2000 “Meyou” (Voice Label) Orininal Mini album
2004 “Love Love Love” (Voice Label)
2005 “Merry Christmas song for you” (Voice Label)
2007 “Hikarino-uta, Love letters” (Voice Label) Single
2011 “My Reverie”(Kamekichi Record)
2013 “Blue Velvet” (Kamekichi Record)
2015 “I’ll close my eyes” (Kamekichi Record)
2016 “Love Love Love Re-Mix” (Kamekichi Record)
2020 “Desafinado” (Kamekichi Record)
2021 “Winter Wonderland” (Kamekichi Record)

Singing Lesson material release

2007-2010 “Mimi-de-Oboeru-Jazz-Vocal shokyu No1-No6 “(Itunes)
2012 “Mimi-de-Oboeru-Jazz-Vocal shokyu CD4 “(kamekichi Record)
2014 “Mimi-de-Oboeru-Jazz-Vocal chukyu 30titile 7keys”(Itunes)
2014 “Mimi-de-Oboete-Hassei-Renshu” 4title (Itunes)

2016 “Mimi-de-Oboeru-Jazz-Vocal chukyu CD4 “(kamekichi Record)

2017 “Mimi-de-Oboete-Hassei-Renshu”CD (kamekichi Record)
2019 “Bossa Nova in English for Jazz singer Vol.1 Vol.2 CD (kamekichi Record)
2022 “Bossa Nova in English for Jazz singer Vol.3 Vol.4 CD (kamekichi Record)
2022 “Bossa Nova in English for Jazz singer 32title×7keys (Itunes/Apple)

Rin’s favorite artists

Stevie wonder, Donny Hathaway, Roberta Flack, Minnie Riperton, Sam Cooke
Ray Charles, Sarah Vaughan, Ella Fitzgerald, Dianne Reeves, Aretha Franklin and more

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